I am writing a series of short lyrics concerning communal lived experience, an understanding of foreshortened views of totality, and what it means to live when the ground you walk on is hatred.

Read ‘Lien’ at Datableed / ‘Less Than’ at The Opiate / ‘They don’t rate me but I don’t rate them either’ at Cicatrice.

For Children

I wrote a ballad for children, based on an extension of the verse form used in the Ladybird Series 401 ‘Animal Rhyming Tales’. An edited version was published in the Cambridge Literary Review Issue 8 /9 dedicated to children’s literature.

The full poem, ‘The Ballad of Herbert’, was published in 2016 as a Free Poetry chapbook. Read the chapbook pdf.


Oral History / Archive Essays

I have also compiled various archive essays drawn from oral history and other historical archives. I am interested in the points at which two ancient genres – history and poetry – cross over.

One of these essays was published as a booklet called Desertion. A fragment from a series entitled ‘Labour’ was published by Infinite Editions. A series of archive essays was collected and published in the quartet anthology VierSomes 000 edited by Stephen Mooney (Veer Books, 2012).

Selected Commissions

I wrote a poem about Thames mud and colonialism as an engagement with the work of Joseph Conrad for an event at the National Poetry Library, London in 2017 to mark Conrad’s 160th birthday.

I wrote a lyric on Foxgloves for the Herbarium, an anthology of commissioned experimental poems on medicinal weeds and herbs launched at the Urban Physic Garden, which was temporarily built in an old hospital grounds in Southwark, and Refracted Light (Renscombe Press), a collection of twenty poets responding to Jackson Mac Low’s light poems, launched at the Wellcome Trust for the International Year of Light (2015).

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